Fun Stop
January 2019

“Fun Stop,” New Era, Jan. 2019, 40–41.

Fun Stop

Fun Stop

The Extra Smile

young man at pulpit

Brothers and sisters, I brought my math homework by mistake. As it’s all I’ve got, 2(√16+8)=24; 3(√4-1)=3

Summer Bird

family and babysitter

… Full of patience and long-suffering …

He reads that scripture to me every single time I babysit.

Val Chadwick Bagley

brother and sister playing hockey with broom and mop

How come sweeping and mopping the floor always becomes a hockey game?

Ryan Stoker

Find the Right Answer Right Away!

Can you find a single word that links the two clues together? The word will have two different meanings but only one spelling.

  1. Example: How your packages reach your doorstep. ___address______ “The president is making a big speech to the nation tonight.”

  2. “That is one feather-soft pillow.” _________ The opposite of up.

  3. “Please don’t leave the door open.” _________ Nearby.

  4. Leftover money after a purchase. _________ What we hope our goals will lead to each New Year.

  5. “Hey, you’re both wearing green!” _________ A campfire’s humble beginnings.

  6. What missionaries do right before entering the field. _________ Counting its cars is a favorite pastime.

  7. A cue to start clapping. _________ “That wrapped present needs one more thing on top.”

  8. Skyscrapers can’t be built very high without this. _________ A tall bird that loves the water.

  9. The first thing created during the Creation. _________ How a backpack feels after you dump out all your schoolbooks!

Crack the Code

Can you solve these terms and phrases hidden in plain sight?

How many F’s?

Can you correctly count the number of f’s in this sentence on your first try?

“Frankie and Ferdinand feel that only the fluffiest of all feathers are fit for fedoras.”

Just a Riddle

The universe doesn’t have it, but the world does. A father doesn’t have it, but a mother does. A building doesn’t have it, but a home does. What is it?


Right Answer Right Away

1. address 2. down 3. close 4. change 5. match 6. train 7. bow 8. crane 9. light

Crack the Code

Top row (what goes up must come down, jaywalking, forever family); Middle row (split into groups, a face in the crowd, speaking in church); Bottom row (pace back and forth, middle school, lucky break)

Just a Riddle

The letter O.

How many F’s

Did you catch all 11? Some people only find 10 because the “f” in “of” makes a “v” sound. Our brains have a harder time catching it on a first pass.