Who Knew?

    “Who Knew?” New Era, January 2018

    Who Knew?

    New Era Magazine, 2018/01 Jan

    Temple Spotlight

    Buenos Aires Argentina Temple

    • 39th operating temple

    • 1 of 2 temples in Argentina (with Córdoba Argentina Temple)

    • Over 29,000 visitors during 1985 open house

    • Nearly 100,000 visitors during 2012 open house

    Dedicated January 1986

    Rededicated September 2012

    Facts & Figures

    Book of Mormon

    • 239 Chapters in the Book of Mormon

    • 23 Age at which Joseph Smith translated the Book of Mormon

    • 65 Approximate number of working days to complete the translation

    • 111 Translated languages of the Book of Mormon

    • 5 New translations in progress

    Hymntastic Thoughts

    Hymn 227

    “There is sunshine in my soul today, more glorious and bright than glows in any earthly sky, for Jesus is my light.”

    Hymn 243

    “Fear not, though the enemy deride; courage, for the Lord is on our side. We will heed not what the wicked may say, but the Lord alone we will obey.”

    Mormon Trivia

    Church Presidents

    • There has been one set of father and son prophets: Joseph F. Smith and Joseph Fielding Smith.

    • Gordon B. Hinckley was the first prophet to be baptized in a meetinghouse font.

    • Brigham Young was prophet for 30 years. His was the longest term as Church President.

    • Howard W. Hunter had the shortest term for a prophet. He was President for only nine months.