Fun Stop
January 2018

“Fun Stop,” New Era, January 2018

Fun Stop

Fun Stop

The Extra Smile

young man at computer

Forms to fill out? Interviews? Medical and dental exams? I thought all I had to do to serve a mission was grow a foot or two!

Kevin Beckstrom

Noah’s ark

Security: All bags, pouches, trunks will be searched

I’ve got a bad feeling about this.

Tell me about it.

Val Chadwick Bagley

two brothers eating cereal

See? I left some for you!

Ryan Stoker

Relic Replication

In your study of ancient history, you learned that people used to send communication to one another in paper containers that resembled this object above. Can you draw a picture of this historic relic while following these three rules?

  1. You can’t pick up your pencil.

  2. You can’t cross your own lines.

  3. You can’t trace over any of your own lines.

Brownie Battle

Nathan and Miguel are locked in an epic battle. There’s only one brownie left after their Mutual activity, and they’ve agreed to a nine-round tournament of rock, paper, scissors to decide the winner. Using only the following clues, can you discover who secured some sweet, sugary success?

  1. Nathan played: 1 paper, 4 rocks, and 4 scissors

  2. Miguel played: 1 paper, 5 rocks, and 3 scissors

  3. There were NO ties in the nine games.

Number Trek

Which section of the Doctrine and Covenants contains the restoration of various priesthood keys? To find the answer, solve the following math problem, replacing the letters with the numbers they represent.

Divide G by D. Divide the result by B. Then take that number and add E. Divide that number by A. Then add F. Then subtract C.

  1. The number of Nephi’s brothers born in the wilderness (see 1 Nephi1 18:7).

  2. The total number of Nephi’s brothers.

  3. The number of years the sons of Mosiah preached among the Lamanites (see Alma 17).

  4. Joseph Smith’s age when he prayed in the Sacred Grove.

  5. The number of lepers who did not return to thank the Savior after He healed them (see Luke 17:12–17).

  6. The number of Book of Mormon manuscript pages lost (see D&C 10).

  7. The number of times to forgive someone—though of course it’s just a big number meant to represent “always” (see Matthew 18:21–22).

Mystery Messages

Can you solve these terms and phrases hidden in plain sight?

Left or Right?

Which side of the inner rectangle is darker?


Relic Replication

There are many solutions to this challenge.

Brownie Battle

Miguel wins, 5 games to 4.

Number Trek

110 (A=2, B=5, C=14, D=14, E=9, F=116, G=490).

Left or Right

Both sides are equally dark.

Mystery Messages

fast Sunday, mixed nuts, walk on water, double date, watch over the church, tree of life, turn over a new leaf, wave good-bye