“@LDSYouth,” New Era, January 2018


California: Youth

I love art! I especially love painting and sketching people and flowers. I always try to make my pictures look as real as possible—I can spend hours drawing in each strand of hair.

My favorite thing about the gospel is eternal families. I was adopted when I was just one day old. Growing up, I dealt with feeling like someone didn’t want me so they gave me up. But I realized as I got older how blessed I was. I’m grateful for the sealing power of the temple and that I was sealed to my adoptive family. I’m grateful to know that we can live together forever. My sisters, brothers, and parents are definitely the family for me, and I am so happy Heavenly Father put them in the plan for my life.

My name is Sabrina, I’m 17, and I live in California, USA.


I’m Samuel, and I love to go scuba diving with my dad. Being underwater is a great way to relax after a stressful day or week at school. I love the consistency the gospel provides, especially nowadays when we are in a world of changing values. Whenever we feel challenged or unsure about something, we can turn to the scriptures and receive the answers we need to bring us closer to the Savior.

Samuel W., 15, Cuba


Hi, I’m Blanch, and I love the piano! Right now, my calling is the pianist of our ward. At home, I play hymns and classical pieces for my family. I have a strong testimony of seminary. When I started going to seminary, I felt like the burdens on my shoulders were lifted. My love for the gospel grows because of the principles I learn in every lesson, and I love how it teaches me how to be a better person.

Blanch T., 15, Cavite, Philippines