Fun Stop

“Fun Stop,” New Era, October 2017

Fun Stop

New Era Magazine, 2017/10 Oct

Adventure Checklist

Your little brother needs a hand. He’s updating his adventure kit—because you never know when boredom might strike—and he needs to make sure he has all the essentials. Help him find the following:

A camera, 3 game pieces, tent, hiking boot, 2 pencils, field journal, 3 coins, butterfly net, picture, mug, 5 matches, bandage, pocket knife, binoculars, canteen, compass, fork, magnifying glass, pizza slice

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Riddle

Sister Carol F. McConkie, First Counselor in the Young Women General Presidency, taught us during the April 2017 general conference that this attribute (to be solved in the puzzle) is a gift of the Spirit. To solve this puzzle, write the answer for each question from the outside in. The last letters of the words will form a word that can be read clockwise starting in the box with the asterisk.

  1. Plenty of these in the deep blue sea.

  2. A martial art that involves throwing your opponent.

  3. The common element between base, basket, and volley.

  4. The original pay-for-a-ride car service.

  5. With a spool of this, and some knitting needles, a sweater could be in your future.

  6. You don’t want things to progress all the way to the “triple dog.”

  7. “You’re not the ________ of me!”

  8. Top-notch pollinators.











Twinkle, Twinkle Little Riddle

1. fish, 2. judo, 3. ball, 4. taxi, 5. yarn, 6. dare, 7. boss, 8. bees = holiness