Questions & Answers: How do I prepare to receive my patriarchal blessing?

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“Questions & Answers: How do I prepare to receive my patriarchal blessing?” New Era, May 2017

Questions & Answers

“How do I prepare to receive my patriarchal blessing?”

Consider what a patriarchal blessing is. “Your patriarchal blessing declares your lineage in the house of Israel and contains personal counsel from the Lord to you” (True to the Faith [2004], 111).

President Thomas S. Monson has said, “A patriarchal blessing is a revelation to the recipient, even a white line down the middle of the road, to protect, inspire, and motivate activity and righteousness. A patriarchal blessing literally contains chapters from your book of eternal possibilities” (“Your Patriarchal Blessing: A Liahona of Light,” Oct. 1986 general conference).

When is the best time to get one? Well, there’s no set time that is the same for each person. You just need to be worthy, have the maturity to understand what it’s for, and receive a recommend from your bishop or branch president.

So how do you prepare? Think of what you do to get ready to serve the Lord, such as when you go to the temple: live so that you can be in tune with and worthy of the Spirit. You should also counsel with your parents and bishop, study the scriptures, and keep the commandments. And when you actually meet with your patriarch, go in a spirit of prayer and fasting and a willingness to learn.

After receiving your blessing, remember that it is sacred and personal. Treat it with reverence, read it often, ponder over it, and follow the counsel given to you. As you do, you will find your patriarchal blessing will be a guide and a great source of comfort in your life.

Listen to the Spirit

An important part of preparing for your patriarchal blessing is praying. Heavenly Father is mindful of your situation, and He knows your heart. He knows your desires. Your patriarchal blessing is an amazing guide and will be an answer to your prayers. Study and learn about the purpose of a patriarchal blessing. Listen to the Spirit.

Emily H., 17, Utah, USA

Have a Testimony of the Scriptures

Before getting your patriarchal blessing, it’s good to have a testimony of the scriptures first, because they will guide and bless you. The best time to get your blessing is when you want more direct guidance.

Olivia F., 16, Karnataka, India

Build Your Trust in the Lord

When I wanted to get my patriarchal blessing, I studied the subject, using conference talks and the True to the Faith book. And I prayed. Doing those things really helped me understand the sacred nature of patriarchal blessings. As long as you’re willing to trust in the Lord and desire to do His will, then you’ll know you’re ready. Trust in the Lord. Listen to the Spirit and ponder the scriptures. Fast and pray for humility. God loves you, so trust in Him.

Rachel S., 16, Idaho, USA

Prepare Yourself Spiritually

When I first started thinking about patriarchal blessings, I prayed and fasted and took the initiative to actually prepare myself. When I finally received my blessing, I felt that all of the preparation was worth it.

Joshua R., 16, Utah, USA

Have a Pattern of Prayer and Scripture Study

I knew I was ready when I established a daily pattern of prayer and scripture study and was prompted by the Spirit to learn more about myself. A patriarchal blessing gives you what your Heavenly Father wants you to know about yourself and is your personal Liahona. What helped me prepare was studying the story of Lehi and the Liahona, understanding how it guided him and how it functioned on faith.

Nicole U., 17, Florida, USA

Ask Your Parents

You should ask your parents. They can pray with you and help you decide if you are ready. Also, studying up on the subject of patriarchal blessings can help you to be more prepared to get the most out of this great opportunity. I think that if you are sincere in your desire to have a patriarchal blessing and you understand its great value, then you are ready.

Ethan S., 14, Washington, USA

Ponder and Pray

One way to prepare is to study the scriptures as often as possible so you can receive answers from the Spirit. When you find yourself alone, think about it, and if you feel the Spirit, you’re ready.

Hannah W., 15, Wyoming, USA

Look for Questions

I felt impressed to get my patriarchal blessing during a time when I didn’t understand why a lot of things were happening in my life. When I got my blessing, it revealed a lot of answers to my questions. It helped strengthen my testimony, and I know that if I stick to what I believe to be true and keep the commandments, all the things that were promised in my blessing will come true.

Maggie L., 15, Utah, USA