Showing Gratitude on the Sabbath
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“Showing Gratitude on the Sabbath,” New Era, February 2017

Showing Gratitude on the Sabbath

Do you ever feel stretched to the breaking point with everything on your to-do list? That seems to be a common problem in our fast-paced world. And that’s one reason the Lord gave us the Sabbath: to remember Him and to help us focus on what matters most.

While listening to the October 2016 general conference, Lexi N., 15, of Utah, USA, realized the importance of the Sabbath. “The talks on keeping the Sabbath day holy really impacted me,” she says. “They taught me to worship the Lord on Sunday, not worldly things.”

And Scarlett N., 15, of Idaho, USA, reports, “Elder J. Devn Cornish gave an amazing talk called ‘Am I Good Enough? Will I Make It?’ His talk inspired me to keep the Sabbath day more holy, and has helped me to understand that nobody is perfect. And by understanding that, it has helped me to focus on how I can be better myself. It has really helped with my Sabbath day.”

When we think of all the Lord does for us, spending the Sabbath serving Him makes the day refreshing and a delight (see Isaiah 58:13), and we are grateful to Him.

Participating in Church meetings shows gratitude since you are showing that you’re glad to be there and thankful for the Sabbath day. The most important way to do this is to prepare yourself for the sacrament, to show the Savior that you’re thankful for the Atonement and all that He did for us.

Cole M., 15, Ecuador, from

Do things that show you love the Lord, such as family history work, scripture study, spending time with family, anything that helps you think of Him. Try and avoid things that distract you from the purpose of the Sabbath day. The Sabbath is a day for us to renew our covenants through partaking of the sacrament and to remember Christ and His atoning sacrifice.

Colby H., 18, Utah, USA, from

Read the scriptures, and read them like it’s your favorite food and you want to savor each bite. When I read the scriptures slowly and really take in each word and try to understand its meaning for me, it helps me to be grateful as I feel the Spirit whisper to me that it’s true.

Nicolas H., 15, Utah, USA, from

Focus on the Lord and His work. Serve Him and study His word, and keep His day holy. We can show we are grateful for all He has given us by doing what He has asked us to do.

Sariah C., 13, Utah, USA