Is it OK to be in love as a teenager?
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“Is it OK to be in love as a teenager?” New Era, November 2016

Is it OK to be in love as a teenager?


It’s certainly possible and natural for teenagers to be in love—their feelings, though perhaps less mature, are no less real than the feelings of people who are older. But as Latter-day Saint youth, you need to consider romantic love in the context of God’s plan and the covenants you have made with Him.

Though you are doing things now to prepare for marriage, it’s still a ways off, so wondering whether you’re in love with someone is a bit premature. Both you and the other person have more learning and growing to do as well as some important decisions to make before focusing on being in love. Finding someone to be in love with is best left for the courtship phase of life, which nowadays generally comes after secondary school, a mission (for young men), and the beginning of higher education or career training. For now, in the dating stage of life, follow the counsel of prophets: have fun and don’t let things get serious (see For the Strength of Youth [2011], 4–5).