Why Do I Need to Know Joseph Smith Is a Prophet?
December 2015

“Why Do I Need to Know Joseph Smith Is a Prophet?” New Era, December 2015, 23

Why Do I Need to Know Joseph Smith Is a Prophet?

Joseph Smith

Think about it. Everything you know in the Church, everything you believe, everything you do, really hinges on this question: Was Joseph Smith really called as a prophet? If the answer is yes, then the Church really is true, the Book of Mormon really is a book of holy scripture, the doctrines of the Church are true, and the Church really is led by prophets today. That pretty much affects every aspect of your life.

Still not sure? Here’s a little quiz that illustrates the point.

Which of the following doctrines and principles were taught by Joseph Smith, revealed through him, or made clear by his teachings? Check all that apply.

  1. God the Father, His Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost are three separate beings.

  2. Heavenly Father answers prayers and takes an active role in our lives.

  3. God calls prophets and apostles today to lead and guide us in His work.

  4. The Book of Mormon, the Doctrine and Covenants, and the Pearl of Great Price are true scripture.

  5. Priesthood authority and power reside in the Church.

  6. Mormon, Moroni, Alma, Nephi, Lehi, and many other individuals in the Book of Mormon were real people.

  7. Jesus Christ visited the Americas and taught His gospel to the people there.

  8. Priesthood blessings can provide comfort and heal the sick.

  9. There are three degrees of heaven, and the highest is the celestial kingdom.

  10. We lived with God before we were born.

  11. God’s grace can bless me now and in the future.

  12. There really is a purpose to life: to become like Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father through our choices and with Their help.

  13. God is more powerful than the adversary.

  14. Youth can receive callings and receive priesthood authority to serve.

  15. The Word of Wisdom is a true principle.

  16. Great blessings come when we keep the law of tithing.

  17. Fasting with a purpose draws us closer to God.

  18. All people will be resurrected with spirit and body reunited forever in an immortal frame.

  19. Families can be together forever through the sealing ordinances in the temple.

  20. The leaders of my class or quorum, ward, and stake have been called of God.

How many principles did you check? The truth is, Joseph really did teach or reveal all of those things, and most of them are things people in his day did not know before he taught them.

So if you really want to know who you are, where you came from, and what God has in store for you in life, you really need to know that Joseph Smith was called as a true prophet. Knowing that leads you closer to Jesus Christ, and that makes all the difference.