8 Ways to Be Healthier
November 2015

“8 Ways to Be Healthier,” New Era, November 2015, 32–33

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8 Ways to Be Healthier

Boost your health at your own speed.

What do you do to stay healthy? Looking for something new? It’s good to make a change, but remember not to overdo it. Small, consistent efforts can lead to great results.

Your body is a big deal. It’s a sacred gift—and a pretty amazing gift at that—so the Lord asks that you treat it well. He’s given guidance like the Word of Wisdom to help you keep your body strong and able.

Here are some ideas to start you thinking about how to take even better care of your body.

Eat More Fruits and Veggies

fruit and vegetables

Illustrations by Scott Jarrard

They’ll make you feel better, give you energy, and they’re full of important nutrients. To keep your routine fresh, try pairing them with another food. For instance, dip snap peas in hummus or slather nut butter over celery or banana slices.

Set Up an Obstacle Course


Test your mettle against the finest athletes in the world—but first, your friends and neighbors! Plan an obstacle course through your neighborhood. Compete on the course every week with your friends and neighbors. Cheer each other on, and be safe!

Recharge Your Spirit at the Temple


One way to relieve stress and feel more peace and mental clarity is to worship at the temple. In the temple, you can feel more connected to God and His love for you. Performing baptisms for the dead blesses not only the lives of those on the other side of the veil but also your own.

Get Enough Sleep

moon and stars

It can seem impossible to get eight or nine hours of sleep every night. Start small. If you’re not getting enough sleep, make an effort to go to bed just 20 minutes earlier this week. Next week, add 20 more. Keep it up until you hit your goal.

Exercise with Online Workout Videos


There are tons of free exercise videos online. From stretching and yoga to strength training and tai chi. Find one that works for you and have fun!

Create a Social Media Support Group

speech bubbles

Create a social media group with friends for weekly health goals. You could make goals like “avoid soda this week” or “walk 20 minutes every day.” Motivate each other and celebrate your accomplishments together!

Be Still

smart phone

Take time away from technology, social media, and other potential distractions. Practice breathing deeply. Take inventory of your life. What is causing you stress and negativity? What can you do about it? Ponder on your relationships—especially your relationship with God—and make small adjustments each day to grow closer to Him. As you listen, you’ll be amazed at what you can do.

Complete a 5K


This race comes in all sorts of fun themes: holiday, charity, costume, etc. Training for and running/walking/wheelchairing this distance can be as challenging or as relaxing as you want. Grab a friend or family member, find a training plan, and sign up for a 5K in your community.

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