Gentle Jesus, Pure and Fair

    “Gentle Jesus, Pure and Fair,” New Era, Apr. 2015, 28

    Gentle Jesus, Pure and Fair

    New Era Magazine, 2015/04 Apr

    1. Gentle Jesus, pure and fair,

    Hope of nations lying there,

    God who loves all souls on earth

    Sent the gift of greatest worth.

    He who slept in lowly stall

    Had come to save us all.

    2. Gentle Jesus walked the land.

    Dead men rose at His command.

    As He taught the wonder of

    Heaven’s pure and healing love.

    He with pow’r o’er earth and seas

    Taught men to live in peace.

    3. Gentle Jesus cared so much

    He laid down His life for us.

    He alone had pow’r enough

    To redeem us by His love.

    He who willingly forgave

    Went down into the grave.

    4. Gentle Jesus rose again

    As our great eternal friend.

    Oh, what joy this message gives;

    Jesus Christ, our Savior lives.

    He whose mission was divine

    Brought hope to all mankind.

    5. Gentle Jesus, come again.

    Cleanse the world of pain and sin

    Come with majesty and love

    From the sacred courts above.

    Gentle Jesus, come again

    And heal the hearts of men.