Come, Follow Me: The Apostasy and the Restoration

    “Come, Follow Me: The Apostasy and the Restoration,” New Era, Apr. 2015, 44

    Come, Follow Me

    Christensen card
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    Do you see in Joseph’s experience a pattern you could apply in gaining or strengthening your own testimony? (see Joseph Smith—History 1:8–10).

    Elder Craig C. Christensen

    Presidency of the Seventy

    October 2014 general conference

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    Joseph Smith was and is the prophet called of God to restore the gospel of Jesus Christ and His priesthood to the earth.

    Sister Carol F. McConkie

    First counselor in the Young Women general presidency

    October 2014 general conference

    The Apostasy and the Restoration

    You’ll be studying about the Apostasy and the Restoration in your Sunday classes this month. As you study and discuss this topic, you may ponder these questions: How did the Restoration begin? How do the things Joseph Smith did affect my life today?

    For some answers to these questions, read the scriptures listed in the Topical Guide under “Joseph Smith” and “Restoration of the Gospel.” You’ll also find teachings on the plan of salvation in general conference talks at