The College Decision
September 2014

“The College Decision,” New Era, Sept. 2014, 21

The College Decision

Becca Turpin lives in Texas, USA.

When I was deciding which colleges to apply to, my uncle gave me advice I didn’t expect.

college decision

Illustration by J. Beth Jepson

I’d finally made it: I was a high-school senior. Now I had to prepare for the next step in my life: college. I knew that I wanted to major in music education with an emphasis in strings. While looking for colleges, I started to search local universities and found one that had a very good music education program.

My uncle was a professor at a public university, so I sought advice from him. I told him about the university and its excellent music program. His answer startled me: “Will that university support you spiritually? Will you graduate from that university with a stronger or weaker testimony than you have now?” He then shared a scripture with me that says that we are to “seek learning, even by study and also by faith” (D&C 88:118).

With these new ideas floating around in my head, I looked up the institute programs that the local universities had to offer. They were basically nonexistent. I would have been in a vast academic jungle of knowledge but in a spiritual desert. This was frustrating for me because deadlines were approaching and I needed to pick universities to apply to. I prayed and fasted as I searched for a school that would be right for me.

One Sunday in sacrament meeting, a sister talked about a music school out of state. Leaving the state had never crossed my mind before. I went home and excitedly looked up this new school. I also looked into their institute program, and they had a lot of students in their institute program at that university. They also had a strong music program. This felt right.

To my astonishment, I’d found the college for me! This experience showed me that prayers are answered—but on Heavenly Father’s time. Sometimes we have to wait for an answer.

I know that it’s important to seek learning by both study and faith. I’m grateful that my uncle reminded me of the importance of growing spiritually in college as well as academically. I’m excited about my college choice and can’t wait to see what the experience brings!