Forgiving My Friends

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“Forgiving My Friends,” New Era, Aug. 2014, 46–47

Forgiving My Friends

Joshua V., Philippines

As the only member of the Church in my peer group, I’ve experienced some instances when my friends have offended me. Sometimes they judge and criticize my religion. I feel so alone, yet I’m thankful I know the standards of the Church.

If my friends offend me, I try to humble myself and avoid contention, because I know contention is evil. When they start discussing some matters about the Church, I just testify of my belief in the gospel.

I always forgive my friends with or without their apology. Forgiving is not just about saying, “Apology accepted,” or, “It’s OK,” because forgiveness has a deep meaning: Jesus Christ atoned for our sins so that Heavenly Father can forgive us.

Even though my friends don’t understand my faith now, I know that I can be God’s instrument to teach them the gospel. I am helping them, and at the same time I am helping myself to grow spiritually and prepare to serve a mission.