A Change of Heart

“A Change of Heart,” New Era, July 2014, 12–13

A Change of Heart

New Era Magazine, 2014/07 Jul

A stony heart is a cold, unyielding plain,

Windswept, forlorn, no gentle warming rain

Until a whispered message from above,

Full of Thy grace, fills me with love.

Oh, change my heart. Cast off its stubborn pride,

And melt the shell protecting me inside.

Now verdant grass grows soft by quiet streams,

And peaceful visions fill my dreams.

A grieving heart is a vast, abandoned shore

Where waves withdraw then crash the rocks once more

Until a voice above the storm I hear:

“Be still, my child. Thy God is near.”

Oh, change my heart. Calm all my anxious fears,

And give me faith to see beyond my tears.

Now all the tempest’s sorrowing cries grow still.

My heart, at rest, now trusts Thy will.

Oh, change my heart, and make it more like Thine.

Fill it with faith, with hope, with love divine.

Oh, take my heart, and write on it Thy name.

Grant me a mighty change, O Lord, I pray.