Youth Voices: Blessings of Family History
January 2014

“Youth Voices: Blessings of Family History,” New Era, Jan. 2014, 33

Youth Voices: Blessings of Family History

Youth from New York, USA, were recently invited by their stake presidency to find a family name to take to the temple as part of a special youth conference. They discovered great blessings as they felt their hearts turning to their fathers (see Malachi 4:5–6).

Taking Family Names to the Temple

  • “I used to think that family history was just another thing to check off, but now I realize these are real people who have been waiting for years. My temple experience is different when I take family names. I suppose it’s because of all the hard work, time, and prayers that went into finding one name. But one name is worth it because that is one person who needs to be with Father in Heaven.” —Hannah A., 13

  • “After finding a person, you start to connect with that person in the spirit world. Bringing your own names is a way to strengthen this bond. It helps you to understand your eternal family.” —Spencer S., 15

  • “Bringing family names to the temple helps you realize the reality of who these people were. They are not just names on a piece of paper; they are real brothers and sisters who share your history—and are a part of it.” —Lilli N., 16

Receiving Blessings

  • “I’ve noticed a difference in my life. It’s a warm and protective feeling.” —Noah R., 13

  • “You can feel in your heart that you are part of a greater work. Giving your family the opportunity to receive temple blessings is a feeling like no other.” —Corinne C., 17

  • “I’ve felt more comfortable and calm since I started doing family history. When I take family names to the temple, it gives me an overwhelming sense of joy.” —Tyler M., 16

  • “It has increased my love for the Savior, Heavenly Father, and my ancestors. It has helped me become closer with my direct family and increased my testimony of the gospel.” —Alexandra H., 14

  • “I’ve been a lot happier.” —Ross S., 12

  • “With each name, I feel an overwhelming sense of peace and excitement, like the person has been waiting just for me.” —Rhiannon B., 15

  • “I know where I came from, and my confidence is building.” —Eliza L., 13

  • “I’ve been less contentious in my house.” —Gehrig L., 12

  • “I understand the importance of families more and more. I want to be closer with my family on earth.” —Emma L., 15

  • “It’s helped me further understand God’s plan for us. I feel closer to Heavenly Father and the gospel because I better understand the ordinances that are taking place.” —Noah C., 14