Power of Prayer
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“Power of Prayer,” New Era, May 2013, 47

Power of Prayer

Bronwen W., South Australia, Australia

With modern technology, we can all keep in contact with our friends and family via social networking websites, phones, emails, and text messages. However, none of these methods can be used to keep in contact with our Heavenly Father. The only way we are able to talk with Him is through prayer, a method completely free of monetary charge.

A friend once told me, “Prayer is like a father and child talking. A child who does not spend time with the father does not get to know him or learn from him.” It’s the same with us—without spending time talking to our Heavenly Father through prayer and hearing His word through scripture and modern prophets, we cannot get to know Him or learn from Him at a personal level. Through prayer and the Spirit, our Heavenly Father can guide us like a father guides his child.