The Extra Smile
April 2013

“The Extra Smile,” New Era, Apr. 2013, 43

The Extra Smile

sister and brother in kitchen

“I call this smoothie ‘The Gadianton’ because it’s full of secret combinations.”

Val Chadwick Bagley

girl and mother on sidewalk

“I didn’t know what a spiritual experience that would be; my driving instructor was praying the whole time.”

Rick + Ryan Goldsberry

bishop with young woman holding microphone

“Man, I just don’t get girls. I’ve rescued dozens of them on a number of game consoles, yet I can’t get a real one to talk to me.”

“Huh. Imagine that.”

Arie Van De Graaff

two young men playing video games

“Um … actually, Ashley, usually in these bishop interviews, I do the interviewing.”

“Yes, interesting …”

Ryan Stoker