Spelling Out Mormon.org
October 2012

“Spelling Out Mormon.org,” New Era, Oct. 2012, 42

Spelling Out “Mormon.org”

Maddie M., 15, Washington, USA

young people in T-shirts

Photograph courtesy of Maddie M.

My friend Ashley and I came up with an idea for a spirit day held at our junior high school in Washington. The theme was “Scrabble Day,” where students wear a letter on their shirt and mix up, spelling different words throughout the day and taking pictures with different students. So the night before, we got a group of youth from the stake and our seminary classes to each wear a different letter in “Mormon.org.”

Little did we know that morning when we lined up to take a picture that it would bring so much positive attention to us as youth of the Church and how far our message of standing for what we believe in would travel. As soon as we lined up, a huge crowd formed; hundreds of students circled around and watched us and read the message on our shirts.

We were being a standard to our peers, because they know what kind of people we represent at school. The best part was that after taking the picture, throughout the school day we each were asked questions and got complimented for our spirit-day idea. Kids who didn’t know we were Latter-day Saints before were asking us about our faith, and we were able to answer their questions with confidence.