We’ve Got Mail

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“We’ve Got Mail,” New Era, Sept. 2012, 43

We’ve Got Mail

Prayer Helps

I read the New Era on Sundays before church. I read “Dad’s Keys and a Dangerous Snake” from the October 2011 issue. It was a great story about how saying prayers helps. I also enjoy the Mormonads with their funny but good advice.

Carter S., 14, Texas, USA

Shine Forth

People are always watching, whether you think they are or not. Your light is shining in that dark place, whether it’s school, work, or even in your own home. If you’re going to set a trend, start a good one. You never know—you could change the world. Arise and shine forth.

Alexandria H., 17, Missouri, USA

Give Thanks

I liked how the article “Three Great Reasons to Give Thanks” (Dec. 2011) talks about how we are always happier when we are thankful. My mom and I decided we are going to do the 100-list gratitude challenge as a family home evening lesson.

Davin C., 14, Utah, USA

I Love Conference (from youth.lds.org)

I used this article in a lesson for family home evening [see “Getting the Most out of General Conference” at lds.org/go/92F.]. It was awesome to read this, and it will help me get more out of conference. I love conference and the feeling it brings to my home.

Robyn Elizabeth D., 13, Utah, USA