I Could Go to the Temple

    “I Could Go to the Temple,” New Era, Jan. 2012, 45

    I Could Go to the Temple

    Simon K., Uganda

    When I was a new convert, I attended a class where a missionary couple taught about the temple. As the elder taught, he mentioned that in order to receive exaltation, you needed to attend the temple to receive temple ordinances. I did not even allow him to finish before I asked, “Do you mean those of us who live many miles away from the temple will never receive exaltation?”

    In an instant, the teacher walked toward me. He placed both his hands on my shoulders and, looking straight into my eyes, declared, “If you live the gospel, you will enter the temple.”

    I wondered how true his words could be. If all the belongings of my family were sold, the money would not be enough to buy the ticket to the temple and back, so I did not take him seriously.

    A few years later I was called on a mission. Guess where? Cape Town, South Africa. I would have the opportunity to go through the Johannesburg South Africa Temple before and after my mission. I couldn’t believe it!

    I was humbled to recall the words of the elder. I learned never to doubt that “with God all things are possible” (see Mark 10:27).