Personal Progress

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“Personal Progress,” New Era, Sept. 2011, YW8–YW15

Personal Progress

You are a young woman growing toward womanhood, and the Personal Progress program helps you reach your full potential by inviting you to learn basic gospel principles through study and action. As you work on Personal Progress, you will strengthen your home and family, develop leadership skills as you work with others, and be prepared to make and keep sacred temple covenants. In this section you’ll find examples and principles to keep in mind as you carry out your own experiences and projects related to the Young Women values.

Photographs by David Stoker and Craig Dimond; painting by Heinrich Hofmann, courtesy C. Harrison Conroy Co. Inc.

Photographs by David Stoker and Craig Dimond and courtesy of Jalaire Musgrave

Photographs by Sarah Jensen, Jed A. Clark, Robert Casey, Steve Bunderson, and Church Media Services

Photographs by David Stoker, Nicole Tucker, Garth Bruner, and Matt Reier