The Extra Smile

“The Extra Smile,” New Era, Aug. 2011, 33

The Extra Smile

I heard you were going on your first date tonight! And so did Aunt Debbie … and Uncle Phil … and Grandma …


Ryan Stoker

“Boy—when they said they were raising the bar, they sure weren’t kiddin’!”

Jon Clark

We were building a patio in the backyard using concrete pavers. The pavers were stacked at the bottom of a hill in our front yard, and our kids were using a wagon to bring them to the backyard. Loaded down with pavers, the wagon was heavy enough, and the slope was steep enough, that the younger kids pushed from the back of the wagon while the older kids pulled from the front. Before long I heard them coming around the house. Suzy was singing:

“For some must push and some must pull,

“As we go marching up the hill;

“So merrily on our way we go

“Until we reach the PATI-O.”

Chet D., Washington, USA

Welcome to Scout Camp

Val Chadwick Bagley