We’ve Got Mail

    “We’ve Got Mail,” New Era, Feb. 2011, 48

    We’ve Got Mail

    Praying Our Way to Church

    Thank you for the article “Praying Our Way to Church” (June 2010). When we are out of town on vacation my family rarely attends church. Recently I spent two weeks at a summer writing program and didn’t plan on attending church while I was away. During the plane ride I came across the article and read it with great interest. I prayed to find a way to go to church that next Sunday. I found out that I had to have a permission slip to be released from the campus, but after a little persistence I was able to attend Sunday meetings.

    Samantha F.

    Conquering the Wall

    I liked the article “Conquering the Wall” (July 2010) because it was entertaining while teaching a lesson. It compared climbing a wall to our lives on earth. I learned from this article that we need to listen carefully to those who have more experience.

    Tanner H., Nebraska

    Guided to Do First Aid

    I enjoyed the article “Guided to Do First Aid” (Sept. 2010). When we have prepared ourselves to help others, the Lord can use us and direct us to those who need help. I have taken first aid and CPR training with the help of my friends (I have Down Syndrome). Helping others is a way we show respect and love to others and to Heavenly Father.

    Joshua S., Canada

    Grateful for the Help

    Recently I broke my leg in a football game, and reading the New Era has brightened my outlook and made life more enjoyable during these tough weeks. The magazines, along with the scriptures and prayer, have brought me closer to the Lord, and help me become more like Him. Thanks for a great magazine for teens like me all around the world.

    Brandyn Y., Arkansas

    I am the first counselor in my deacons quorum, and recently I had to give a talk in presidency meeting. I looked at different LDS websites for a topic to write on and found the Mormonads online. I found one titled “Sharing Time” and wrote my talk on missionary work. The presidency loved it. Thank you for the magazine; it is a very good influence on my quorum.

    Tim M.

    It Inspired Me

    The April 2010 New Era gave me a new perspective on dating. I’m not yet old enough to date, and this issue definitely convinced me to take a rain check. It now shocks me to find more and more people in my school who are dating before the age of 16.


    Duty to God

    I really enjoyed the article about the new Duty to God program (Aug. 2010). I’m looking forward to using the new program because I think it will help me do better and remember the things I study.

    Casey B., Utah

    Checking the Messages

    Thank you for the story “Checking for Messages” (Oct. 2010). I especially liked the part where she said, “Turning our hearts to Him is more important than a text message.”

    Tristina M., Utah

    Illustration by James Steinberg