Thoughts on Revelation

“Thoughts on Revelation,” New Era, Feb. 2011, 45

Thoughts on Revelation

Ashley D., Nevada, USA

This Sunday I was sitting in Young Women listening to a lesson on revelations and how to get them.

Earlier that week I had been praying and asking Heavenly Father for help in being a better person and daughter. I expected a big wow feeling, but I never got one. I got thoughts in my head, saying, “Is that what Jesus would do?” or “Do this for your mom,” and I thought that was me thinking.

But in church I realized God doesn’t always give you a loud answer. Sitting there listening, I felt the Spirit so much—the biggest, warmest feeling ever. I almost started crying. I now know that God doesn’t talk to you loudly or publicly. Sometimes it is just a quiet answer in your mind that you should follow.