The Church Is a Constant

“The Church Is a Constant,” New Era, Feb. 2011, 46

The Church Is a Constant

Christine W., Virginia, USA

Military life is extremely stressful and always changing. Families constantly move, change schools, and in some cases switch countries. I know how awkward it is to be in a new school and new house and how long it takes to become acquainted with a new area, just to move again a little while later. My whole life I have been a military kid. I’ve always moved, made new friends, and changed my daily habits. Nothing was ever the same for more than three years at a time. Keeping in touch with old friends was always in my heart, but not always on paper or by phone.

Some people wonder how I was able to handle all the stress from my dad’s job, but the truth is, I wouldn’t have been able to do it if it wasn’t for the Church. No matter where I went, I always had the Church to turn to—it’s been something I can depend on. Even if the ward members, Church buildings, and ways to get to Church meetings change, the sacrament prayers are always the same. Home teaching, missionary work, and Sunday School and Young Women lessons are all the same. I can count on having fast Sundays the first week of the month, having Primary programs once a year, early-morning seminary every day, and Mutual in the middle of the week. All of these things have been different in each place I’ve lived in, but no matter what, I can go to church to learn and to worship Heavenly Father and Jesus.

Sometimes I wish I had the same house my whole life and that the members in my ward would have known me since I was in Primary, but then I think back on my life and the wonderful experiences I’ve had with my family. No matter where I go or where I end up in the world, the gospel will always be there, constant and unchanging.