Becoming a Faithful Priesthood Man
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“Becoming a Faithful Priesthood Man,” New Era, Jan. 2011, 7

Becoming a Faithful Priesthood Man

Young Men general presidency

David L. Beck (center), president; Larry M. Gibson (left), first counselor; and Adrián Ochoa (right), second counselor.

Before you graduated from Primary, many of you memorized the thirteenth article of faith and hopefully can still recite it by heart. This year we as a presidency challenge you to move beyond simple memorization and truly learn what the Prophet Joseph Smith meant when he said we follow the admonition of Paul. We ask you to carefully study each quality mentioned in the thirteenth article of faith, this year’s Mutual theme. We invite you to act upon what you learn. And we invite you to share with others the joy that living these standards brings into your life.

This pattern of behavior is the same one you are using in the new Duty to God program: learn, act, share. Following these three simple steps will help you become a faithful priesthood man.

The thirteenth article of faith states in part, “We believe in being honest, true, chaste, benevolent, [and] virtuous” (emphasis added). Being is more than how you act—it is who you are. Being honest, true, chaste and so on makes you different from most young men your age. When others see the good qualities in you, they will want what you have. As you learn your priesthood duties and act upon them, you will change. As you go about “doing good to all men,” you will bless and change people’s lives.

Good Examples

Ben is a great example of helping others and being a blessing in their lives. He looks out for people who are not as popular or don’t feel as involved. He thinks of others more than himself. When Kelon moved into Ben’s ward, Kelon described his life as “nothing but a party” that was going in the wrong direction. He felt empty inside. But because of the examples of his Latter-day Saint friends and particularly that of his best friend, Ben, he saw there was a better way. Ben invited Kelon to participate in Church activities. At those activities Kelon noticed there was something different about the young men there. He wanted to be like them. He wasn’t sure what it was, but he knew he wanted it. He wanted to be happy like they were.

He prayed to God and knew that he needed to join the Church. Ben baptized his best friend when they were 16. Kelon said of his baptism, “I had finally found peace, and I felt the loving arms of the Savior as I came out of the font. I’m grateful for good friends who live what they believe.”

Aaronic Priesthood Power

Doctrine and Covenants 58:27–28 says that “men should be anxiously engaged in a good cause,” doing “many things of their own free will” in order to “bring to pass much righteousness; for the power is in them.” The power is in you. You have been entrusted with the power of the Aaronic Priesthood. We love you, and we know you can do great things as you become a faithful priesthood man.