We’ve Got Mail
August 2010

“We’ve Got Mail,” New Era, Aug. 2010, 48

We’ve Got Mail

Dating Issue

The April 2010 issue rocked! A friend and I were having some tough times, but then I read this issue and it helped me put life in perspective. We are still good friends, but now our relationship is where it needs to be for us to enjoy our teenage years.

Christopher S., Virginia

I could not stop laughing while reading “What’s the Deal with Boys/Girls?” and the responses. I wish everyone in my school would read this issue.

Laura B., Utah

When I heard that there was a special issue dedicated to dating, I have to admit I laughed a little. After reading an article or two, along with the list of date ideas, I thought, “These are pretty good.” I found the whole issue is filled with great recommendations from prophets and Church leaders, and it has motivated me to go on more dates and build stronger relationships with my friends.

Andrew H., Minnesota

Stay Strong

Thank you for the article “18 Ways to Stay Strong” in the October 2008 issue. We used this article in our family home evenings for several weeks to learn to apply the standards and principles found in the For the Strength of Youth booklet. The article gave good information to me and my brother and sisters to be an example to others in our area who are not of our faith.

Cole C., Texas

Besting the Bully

I read the story “Getting the Best of the Bully” (March 2010), and it has improved my life a lot. I was in a situation similar to the kid in the story, and every day I dreaded going to school, but I went anyway. I started being nicer to the bully, and the day after I started acting nicer, he did the same. He even stood up for me when somebody accused me of doing something I did not do.

Spencer H., Arizona

Dear Dad Notes

Whenever I am down I know that I can pick up the New Era and feel better. My favorite article was “Dear Dad Notes” (June 2007). That is a very good idea for bringing together family.

Rebekah R., Washington

Help with Questions

When I received the February 2010 issue, I was surprised to see how many of the articles answered questions that I had. It answered my questions with principles from the gospel and words of comfort from the modern-day prophets. It helped put my personal struggles into a new light and helped me see how the Lord is always there. It strengthened my testimony about the love the Lord has for me and that He knows each and every one of us personally.

Christian W.

I often have trouble getting people to stop swearing and making inappropriate comments. The February 2010 New Era helped me to convince others to respect my beliefs. Although it is still difficult, it is easier to stand up for what I believe in.

Craig S.

Christian Courage

My favorite article is That Is Christian Courage” by Elder Robert D. Hales (July 2009). It teaches us that members of the Church can be strong without getting angry or defensive. In the world today so many people are defensive of their beliefs in very aggressive ways. I am grateful to know that standing for the right can be peaceful.

Emily R., Wisconsin

Illustration by Cynthia Clark