The Strength to Get on My Knees

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“The Strength to Get on My Knees,” New Era, June 2010, 46

The Strength to Get on My Knees

My childhood dream was coming true. I was about to turn 19 and was training to be a professional firefighter. But throughout the hard training, I wanted to know if this was what the Lord wanted for me. I asked Him in prayer if I was on the right track, and if I was where He wanted me to be. I got an answer that I didn’t want—no.

At about this time, knee surgery kept me off my feet for eight months. I had a lot to reflect on, so I read the Book of Mormon. In my prayers I asked, “What should I do now?” The answer came. I knew the Book of Mormon was true, and I needed to share it with others.

I began to prepare for a full-time mission. It was not easy. My papers were sent back to me once because of my injury, but finally I was called to serve in the Nebraska Omaha Mission.

For the first 14 months of my mission, everything was great. The Spirit was with me more than I could’ve imagined. Sure, it was hard kneeling to pray, but after not being able to kneel at all for eight months, it was wonderful to be on my knees once more.

Then I injured my knee again and needed surgery. I begged my mission president to let me stay, but I found myself on a plane headed for home. My time recovering at home seemed like an eternity. I asked myself, “Why me? Why now?” It seemed so unfair. It wasn’t until I was able to return to my mission that I realized why I had to go home.

The Lord puts us through situations and trials to test our faith. Two times, I could have given up, but in both trials I returned to my knees and relied on the Lord.