Finding Answers

“Finding Answers,” New Era, Nov. 2009, 12–15

Finding Answers

If you listen to general conference, you can often find answers to the questions that concern you.

How can I recognize the promptings of the Spirit?

How can I help improve the feeling in my home?

Why should I serve a full-time mission?

How can I keep from being discouraged?

How can I believe God loves me? I don’t feel worthy of His love.

How should I react to the bad economic times we are in?

Where can I get help in coping with peer pressure?

Why is education so important?

How can I get answers to my prayers?

How can I receive personal revelation?

Sometimes I doubt my testimony. How can I stay strong?

How can I know I’m making the right decisions?

How can I know the Book of Mormon is true?

Why should I honor my parents?