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Be Smart—Go Online

For information on your continuing education, the institute program, and Church colleges, go to


Malcolm Tent was still a young man when he began putting rocks in his pockets. It started one day when his boss, Mr. Gump, got angry at him for something that wasn’t his fault. He couldn’t yell back at his boss, because he might get fired. In fact, there wasn’t anything he could do except be angry inside. “But,” he thought, “I’m not going to forget this. No way.”

On the way home from the bus stop that night, he thought to himself, “I’ve got to remember how angry I am. I don’t want to forget this in the morning.” Suddenly he had an idea. There was a small rock on the sidewalk in front of him. He picked it up and said softly to himself, “I’ll keep this rock in my pocket to remind me of how unfair Mr. Gump was.”

And that’s what he did. That night he put the rock on his dresser with his keys and his comb. The next morning, when he got dressed to go to work, into his pocket went the ugly gray rock.

Read the rest online in “Pockets Full of Rocks,” by Larry A. Hiller (from Jan. 1996).

Online Video Series: Beyond School and Seminary

Go to our Web site or to watch the video series “Education: Your Key to Opportunity.” It shows what awaits you beyond school and seminary, including the amazing opportunities offered through institutes of religion.

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If teachers need additional articles to use in preparing lessons for Young Women and Aaronic Priesthood, look online under Lesson Helps for suggestions. Each month we’ll add more lessons to the list.

Behind the Scenes

In our special issue on education, we wanted to include some suggestions about what you can do to make school better. We asked an expert, an education professor (but also a great writer and funny guy) to help us. Brad Wilcox has had lots of experience teaching teachers how to teach, and he has taught school himself. So he knows what he is talking about. He wrote “Five Easy Ways to Make School Hard and Five Hard Ways to Make School Easy” (probably the longest title we’ve ever run in the New Era.)

Compass and notebook © Getty Images; cap by Randall Pixton