“,” New Era, Feb. 2009, 47

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And the usual good stuff like a cartoon, downloadable Mormonads, and links to great articles.

Top Five

Over the years, the New Era has run some great stories. Here are five of the best we’ve run about forgiveness. (Go to the New Era online and look these up in past issues.)


One day his father called him into his room. It was dimly lit and smelled of pain; the bedside stand groaned with glasses and bottles of pills.

“Have I ever lied to you?” his father asked.


“Then don’t lie to me. Am I dying?”

Read the rest online in “Last Camp along the Way,” by Jack Weyland (from July 1980).

Behind the Scenes

Ever wonder how we come up with the Mormonads? The Mormonad on page 13 started when we were trying to think of something that represented just how dangerous pornography is. We remembered seeing photos of crocodiles with just their eyes showing above water. The words Just Looking? seemed to fit exactly.

What was underneath? Of course, it was a big set of scary teeth that can clamp onto to you and not let go—a good illustration for what pornography can do.

We gave the idea to our designer, who sent a photographer to the zoo to take a photo of ominous crocodile eyes. Then he used his computer skills to make the teeth visible underwater and to make them bigger and more vicious than reality. We thought it made a great Mormonad that gives you something to think about.

Scripture Sudoku

How well do you know this year’s Mutual theme? After doing our online Sudoku puzzle based on 1 Timothy 4:12, you’ll clearly see just what kind of an example you should be.

Resource Links

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Illustration by Richard Hull; photograph by Getty Images