Faith for My Father
April 2008

“Faith for My Father,” New Era, April 2008, 46

Faith for My Father

A few years ago our family had a faith-building experience. My dad, who is in the military, got called on deployment to Iraq for six months. He would leave in October and miss Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, four kids’ birthdays (including my sister Danielle, who was going to wait until Dad got home to be baptized), and his anniversary. We were very sad. But we knew he had to go, and we said goodbye.

It was almost time for him to come home when he called us from Iraq and told us that he might have to stay for another six months to a year. We were very discouraged. He had already missed so much, and we didn’t want him to miss any more!

That night Mom came to us with a plan that we should fast and pray for Dad. We decided it was a good idea. The next day we woke up and got ready for school. It was the day we had chosen to fast. All through the day people were offering us food and asking if we were OK. We declined the offers because we knew that if we followed through with the fast, the Lord would bless us and comfort us with an understanding and acceptance of His will.

That afternoon, before we had broken our fast, our dad called and said that he had just received news that he would be coming home soon. We were so happy! We thanked Heavenly Father for blessing us in this way. Now when something is wrong, we remember to combine prayer with fasting. I will always remember this experience, and I will turn to Heavenly Father to help me.