What’s in It for You
March 2008

“What’s in It for You,” New Era, Mar. 2008, 47

What’s in It for You

Mutual Activity Idea

• Make a plan to learn some ballroom dances. Ask someone to give some dance instruction for the waltz, foxtrot, the swing, or line dancing. Make the evening fun by changing partners often.

Personal Progress or Duty to God

• Have your mother or father help you develop your cooking skills. If your family has some specialties, learn how to make them, and serve them for a family home evening. Be sure to keep the recipes neatly copied with all the instructions. In addition, write the family story that goes with these recipes. Where did they come from? Why did they become special?

Family Home Evening Idea

• If your younger brothers or sisters have some favorite books, make some audio recordings of yourself reading the books aloud. When they want to listen to the books, they will have a recording of you doing the reading. Or make a recording of your father or mother reading the book aloud. You may want to use stories from the Church magazines as part of your recording.

Photograph by Matt Reier