Getting the Most from Your New Era
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“Getting the Most from Your New Era,” New Era, Aug. 2007, 12–13

Idea List:
Getting the Most from Your New Era

Sure it’s wonderful to read all the interesting articles in the New Era each month, but did you know there are lots of other ways to have fun and gain spirituality through using the New Era? And you can contribute to the magazine too. Here are some suggestions on how you can use the New Era and help make the magazine even better.

Poster Parties

You and your friends can have a great time creating your own posters. The New Era would welcome having you share the best ones, so go get those markers, sketch pads, and treats ready; then invite a few friends over. Illustrate your favorite gospel principle, and send all your ideas to us. Our address is on the inside front cover of this magazine.

Talks and Lessons

Ever wonder why the bishop always assigns you the one topic you know nothing about to speak on in sacrament meeting? The New Era has dealt with many of the subjects your bishop may surprise you with, so LOOK IT UP! It just might be there. But, please, don’t read the article or story as your talk; use it as a resource to supplement your own inspiration. You can find many topics from Adversity to Zion in the indexes at the back of our December issues. Special issues can also be of help since they cover topics in depth. So go ahead and prepare a great talk!

Art Files

Our artists put a lot into the magazine, and you can get a lot out of it. Whether you photocopy or cut out your favorite art, you can keep an art file to use later. Your file could come in handy if you ever have to teach a lesson or if you’re putting together a scrapbook. You could even enlarge your favorite poster to tack to your wall or scan your favorite art onto a computer. (Just be sure to pay attention to any copyright notices.)

New Era Bowls

They take a little planning, but they’re a load of fun. Have the contestants (friends, classmates, etc.) read the current issue of the magazine before you get together for the bowl. When they come to play, split them into teams, and then you can fire away with questions to see how well they’ve read. You may even want to have a few small prizes for the winners so the contestants will be motivated.

Family Home Evenings

The December indexes can help you there, too. If you want to find a song for your night to teach, “In Tune” always has songs your family can learn together. And check out the great variety of art, stories, and articles to illustrate your lesson.

Service Projects and Activities

Need new Wednesday night activities? Strapped for a service idea? If you need a gold mine of ideas, go treasure hunting in “What’s in It for You,” “What’s Up?” or in a year’s worth of New Eras. You might want to get someone to help you find all the neat activities others have done or suggested so you can fill your idea bank more quickly.


If you have either an answer or a question for Q&A, we want to hear from you, so write to us. To find out what the question of the month is, look at the end of the current Q&A. Remember to include your name, age, city, state, and parent’s permission along with your answer and a photo of yourself.

We’ve Got Mail

It’s like the New Era’s suggestion box. If you’ve ever read the letters at the back of most issues of the magazine and wanted to send a letter in yourself, what’s been stopping you? We want to hear all your comments and suggestions. Go ahead and send them to us.


We read every submission that comes to the New Era, so if you feel you’ve written something we might publish, please send it in.

Spiritual Growth

Even though there are many interesting and useful things you can gain from the New Era, the most important is spiritual nourishment. You can become a better person and grow closer to your Savior if you apply in your life the gospel principles found in the New Era.

We hope you can use some of the suggestions given here to enrich your activities and to have some fun.