The Merits of Scouting

    “The Merits of Scouting,” New Era, Apr. 2007, 41

    The Merits of Scouting

    While earning the merit badges for Scouts, I noticed that most of the badges involve some sort of service.

    Scouting is a great learning process. Earning merit badges has helped me explore different professional opportunities in many different careers. It gave me a lot of experiences that help me now and will continue to help me in the future. Scouting has taught me basic survival skills in case of emergencies and it taught me the values of service to others. It helped me with my communication and leadership skills and it taught me how to set goals and accomplish them. It also taught me how to have fun camping with my family and friends!

    Now I use the skills that I learned while earning the merit badges and my Eagle rank in my schooling, especially in the business area. I have listed Scouting and my Eagle rank when applying for academic honor societies, and I will be able to use it for other things. Scouting is a great tool to help me and other young men in schooling and in preparing for a mission, a career, and life in general. Through my experiences I have found that Scouting and the Duty to God program go hand in hand and both have helped me in the learning process of life.

    As den chief for my mom I had the opportunity to help teach and work with other Scouts and Cub Scouts and I have also worked with my brother, who just received his Eagle, so I have had many opportunities to further the Scouting program. Scouting is awesome!