We’ve Got Mail
October 2006

“We’ve Got Mail,” New Era, Oct. 2006, 48

We’ve Got Mail

Laughter Never Came

In the May 2006 issue there was a story called “The Laughter Never Came.” One of my dear friends isn’t a Latter-day Saint. A lot of the time I won’t mention the Church because I’m afraid that he may laugh at me because he has been known to laugh at some things that we believe in. When I read that article a blanket of peace came over me. It helped me not to be afraid of the laughing. Sometimes the Lord keeps the laughter away, and other times laughter and mocking falls as rain, but we shouldn’t let it bother us. As it states in the Doctrine and Covenants, we need to “arise and shine forth” (115:5).
Heidi H., Idaho

Answers to Questions

Thank you so much for the inspirational articles in the New Era. It always has an answer to a question I’ve been having in my life. It helps me so much. I can’t wait for the next month’s question to be answered! I also have a question that could be put in the magazine: what are some ways to help less-active members become more active whether we are in a class presidency or not?
Lori T., Arizona

About the Military

Thank you so much for including the story “From Mission to Military” in the June 2006 issue. I have always wanted to join the Army. This article was my personal favorite because it taught me how important serving a mission is and how it affects you in the future and with others. I know the mental and physical effects of war are difficult. But by going to church every Sunday and reading the Book of Mormon, I know the Lord will help me in hard times.
Daniel W., Michigan

Am I On Track?

I love reading the New Era. It makes me feel like I am doing the right things in my life! Just recently I read the article “Right on Track” in the June 2006 New Era. It made me realize the true meaning of family and why it’s important to support and love each other. That’s the secret of getting along. I took that advice and have tried extra hard to get along with my sister. Thank you for taking the time to publish each article! I love everything about the New Era.
Samantha A., Idaho

After receiving the June 2006 New Era, my family and I were not pleased with the cover story. Most young women and young men cannot afford to do that chosen activity. Doesn’t the Church say to live within your means? What about those who don’t have access to cars or even car races? Why not choose a story about family togetherness that most everyone can relate to?
Brittany P., Texas

Editor’s note: The point of “Right on Track” was to encourage readers to spend more time with their family. We would love to hear about additional experiences with family togetherness, and we regret any misunderstandings this story might have caused.

Illustrated by Bill Mayer