We’ve Got Mail
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“We’ve Got Mail,” New Era, June 2006, 48

We’ve Got Mail


Thank you for putting “The Adoption Decision” in the New Era (Mar. 2006). I was 17 when I gave my daughter up. I think that girls (and guys) need to know that people can repent. Thank you for showing me that I am not the only one. Sometimes it helps to know that others have gone through the same trial and pain.
Name Withheld

Thank you so much for the article on adoption in the March 2006 issue! I was adopted through LDS Social Services 17 years ago this April. I loved reading about the process my birth mom had to go through. I know some of the circumstances were different then, but it really did mean a lot to me.
Crystal G., California

Help for Widows

Thank you so much for publishing the story “Wood for the Widows” (Dec. 2005). As I was reading that story, I couldn’t help but think, “This is my family—that’s my dad.” My dad also liked to serve others, including widows. A few weeks ago my father passed away, and now my mother is a widow. I know I can follow my dad’s example and give more meaningful service to others.
Rebecca B., Texas

Family Time

Every time my father and I get our Church magazines, we read and discuss the stories with each other. For example, the September 2005 New Era had a story about a boy and his stepdad. My dad was very impressed with that story. He said, “That’s the best story I’ve ever heard. I wish I got the New Era.” I don’t blame him.
Laukau M., New Zealand

It Caught My Attention

I was bored one night, so I picked up the New Era. I flipped through the pages and I found “Lunch Table Lesson” (Feb. 2006). It caught my attention, so I read the story. It made me think: Do people really notice how different we are? Yes, people do notice. And they admire you. Thank you for putting this story in the New Era.
Erika F., California

Help with Everyday Life

I enjoy the magazine very much. I really enjoy the joke page—it is very funny. Your magazine has helped me in my everyday life. It has helped me resist temptations. I especially enjoyed the issue that was dedicated to stories of Joseph Smith. I used one of them in a talk I gave in sacrament meeting. The New Era is a wonderful resource, and I look forward to it every month. Sometimes I sit down and read it cover to cover; sometimes I just read a story or two on subjects that I may need to work on in my life.
Garry Z., Oregon

It’s Beneficial

Each time I feel lonely or depressed, I have the New Era close to my heart and I immediately feel loved. As a teenager, I think the New Era is not only inspiring, it is beneficial too. So thanks a lot!
Comfort O., France

Illustrated by Bill Mayer