We’ve Got Mail
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“We’ve Got Mail,” New Era, Apr. 2006, 48

We’ve Got Mail

Read More Often

I love your Instant Messages section. I can read experiences and great thoughts of many Latter-day Saints out there. Thank you for making the New Era a great solution for my life. I always look forward to the Idea List section. Reading it helps me to be a better person every day. The New Era helps me to follow the Savior and provides a way to be active at Church. I love all the articles and promise myself to read more often in the future.
Jeanene May E., Philippines

Living Proof

I really appreciated the story of Kimberli Lingard, “Living Proof” (Nov. 2005). It inspires me to love my family and my brother and sister more. It teaches me about the importance of family and the power of family prayer. Now I know how great the love of God is for His children. He helps us when we need Him.
Sister Cheryl Cortes, Philippines Angeles Mission

I’m So Grateful

I’m so grateful for this magazine because it seems like everything contained in it is meant for me. Every time I read it I feel the Spirit of the Lord. I just can’t stop reading from it, even if I need to stop and eat. I was especially touched by the article “599 Baptisms” (Aug. 2005). It gave me the desire to do family history for my ancestors. Please keep up the good work.
Brian P., Zimbabwe


I wanted to thank you for the November 2005 New Era. Whenever I read the New Era I feel happy. It lifts me up when I’m down. I feel closer to Heavenly Father.
Gloria L., Uganda

Game Over

Thank you for the “Game Over” article (Aug. 2005). I really liked what it said about violent video games, and it has helped me to be more choosey about what games I play. I am glad to know that I can play video games and still observe Church standards.
Nicholas H., Idaho

Good Example

Thank you for the story “This Recruit Does Not Swear, Sir!” (Oct. 2005) about the Mormon marine who was at boot camp. I have been studying about the U.S. Marines and military life this past year, and I know that to say “no” to a drill sergeant could mean severe punishment; you could even be discharged. I am 15 and I live in an area where there are not many Latter-day Saint youth my age. I hear a lot of profanity from other people. I am grateful that there are people who stand up for the right even in hard situations.
Jordan D., Arizona

Race to the Mailbox

Thank you so much for what you put in your magazine. My sister and I always try to beat each other to the mailbox. The New Era gives me just enough uplift to last for the month. I love it. I especially enjoy reading the Q&A section. Many of my questions have been answered because of it.
Candice M., Utah

Illustrated by Bill Mayer