We’ve Got Mail
February 2006

“We’ve Got Mail,” New Era, Feb. 2006, 48

We’ve Got Mail

Good Principles and Morals

The New Era is a great way for Church members to learn good principles and morals that can help us in our everyday lives. The things we learn from it are remarkable. I should probably read it more often; my mom reads it a lot. I think that it could use more spiritually uplifting comics and fun stuff that we can do with our friends and family.
Kyle C., Washington

Peer Pressure

I really enjoyed reading “Get Me Out of This” (June 2005). I experience a lot of peer pressure—everything from dating before 16 to drugs. I want to thank the author, Brother Waters, for knowing that his bishop is his friend.
Breanna D., Utah

Penny in His Shoe

I appreciated your article “Penny for Your Prayers” (July 2005). I don’t often read the New Era, but one day I picked it up off the stack of magazines at our house and read that article. For about a month now, I have kept a penny in my shoe. I have shared your article with many friends and coworkers. I absolutely love the constant reminder to pray always. And I do! It’s much easier to be Christlike when meeting people during the day when I have just had a prayer for people who desperately need some divine help.

Isn’t it interesting that such a short, well-written article can have such a large effect on people?
Daren H., Utah

Words Cannot Express

I cannot express how happy I am about the October 2005 issue of the New Era. I felt the article “Behind the Scenes” was directed to me! I have been contemplating a career in dance as well as film/TV. When I read that article I just felt the Spirit so strong telling me that I needed to pray about my decision. Also, the article “You’re a Mormon?” applied to my life as well. I have had many problems lately with friends from my high school telling me that I was not Christian. This article made me realize that I am not the only LDS youth being told the same thing. Thank you so much for publishing those articles!
Danielle T., Ontario, Canada

A Feeling of Peace and Joy

Reading the New Era as a missionary is helping me a lot in teaching investigators, new converts, and members. Its messages are clear and very inspirational. I feel peace and joy in my heart when I read its simple gospel messages.
Elder Ewudzie, Nigeria Port Harcourt Mission

Perfect Pattern

I’d just like to say how thankful I am to you for including “The Perfect Pattern” in the September 2005 New Era. I want to become a fashion designer when I’m older and I, too, would like to create modest designs that Heavenly Father would be pleased with. This article encouraged me more to pursue my dream career because I don’t feel alone in wanting to create modest designs.
Lydia J., Wales

Illustrated by Bill Mayer