We’ve Got Mail

“We’ve Got Mail,” New Era, Jan. 2006, 48

We’ve Got Mail

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We’ve Got Mail

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Submissions may be edited for length and clarity.

Going Out?

Thank you so much for putting in the Q&A on boyfriends and girlfriends in the September 2005 New Era! Last year I attended a middle school, and there was a lot of pressure on “going out.” After much consideration and prayer, I concluded that it was practically dating, and it was hard for me to stick to my standards when the other members of the Church around me didn’t agree. After reading your article I felt reassured that I had done the right thing. I am so grateful I kept my standards even when there was a lot of pressure to do otherwise. Thank you so much!
Rachel D., Texas

Close to the Spirit

The New Era is such a blessing to me. I read it every chance I have, and I can always find an article that applies to me or that would interest me sometime in the near future. The Q&As are wonderful, and they seem to be focused towards a variety of personalities of people in the Church. Many times they help me recognize that I need to do better in a certain area of doctrine that I thought I was doing all right with. On Sundays I love to read the New Era and the scriptures because they help keep me close to the Spirit.
Thomas B., Utah

Reaching My Goals

I really appreciated the New Era Poster in the September 2005 issue (“Finish”). I was beginning to doubt if my goals were really possible to fulfill because they seem so out of reach. Seeing that picture really helped me realize that the goals I have aren’t impossible after all. All I have to do is endure to the end, and I’ll get there. I hope everyone else got as much out of it as I did because it’s so true! It really hit home because I run track, but I never thought of it like that before. Thank you so much for that amazing picture. It was more than just a picture to me—it was an inspiration.
Brittany B., Idaho


Are there any plans to produce more poster cards or posters? I would also like to see the posters in CD-Rom PDF format. As a young single adult with Asperger’s syndrome, I understand things literally. The posters help me understand concepts that I would be confused by as “foreign concepts.” The posters are very much what I “picture” in my mind. Otherwise I would need a dictionary and a thesaurus to have Latin and Greek root words explained to help me understand English expressions.
Alexander M., Texas

Editors’ note: Posters can be found and downloaded at www.lds.org. Go to the Gospel Library, click on Church Publications in HTML format, and find the issue of the poster you want. Or, to purchase New Era Poster sets and poster cards, go to www.lds.org, Order Church Materials, Pictures and Visual Aids, New Era Posters. We are happy to note we have a new poster set available for purchase (Liahona Poster Set 3/ New Era Poster Set D).

Illustrated by Bill Mayer