We’ve Got Mail
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“We’ve Got Mail,” New Era, Aug. 2005, 50

We’ve Got Mail

Always Good

I’m so grateful for this magazine and for all the time and effort put into making it. Every time I open it, I can always find something that helps me stick to and improve my standards. Whether it’s in an article, Q&A, Instant Messages, or even in a New Era Poster, there’s always something good I can apply to my life. The New Era is also my escape from worldly things and helps me think more on spiritual things. Thank you so much for providing the most valuable magazine ever. I really appreciate it!
Heather San Diego, Ashley Heights Ward, Gilbert Arizona Higley Stake

Write On

Thank you so much for the January Idea List; it has really helped me. I had a hard time writing in my journal, but that Idea List helped me to start writing in it. Thank you so much!
Xan Rogers, Del Rio First Branch, Eagle Pass Texas District

Tested and Taught Too

I really enjoyed “You’ll Be Tested and Taught” (Feb. 2005). I felt the Spirit strongly as I read it. I have also had similar experiences.
Robert Hales, Plantation Ward, Fort Lauderdale Florida Stake

Words of Our Leaders

Thank you very much for this wonderful magazine. I have always looked forward to reading it every month. Everything in it has interested me so much, and I have learned a lot from it. The first place I open each time is the Message. I am always happy reading the inspiring words of our leaders.
Njinaka Reginald, Onitsha First Branch, Onitsha Nigeria District

My Answer

It’s amazing how the Lord works. I had been going through a phase in my life where I had no self-worth, thought I was ugly, and didn’t think I had any talent. When the April New Era came, I sat down to have lunch and decided to read it while I ate. I flipped through the pages to Q&A, because that is the first thing I read. There was my answer. The Lord had sent it to me through the New Era, because He knew I always read it. Thank you for doing such a good job on the New Era. It is surely an inspired work of the Church.
Name withheld

Cool Sections

I really enjoy reading the New Era and have since I was 12. That’s two years or so. It has given me that extra boost when I have needed it the most and also given me great counsel that I hope not to forget. One of my favorite sections in the New Era is Q&A. It’s cool to see what other people think and how they solve their problems. The little laughs section is pretty cool too. Almost all the time you have one or two good missionary jokes in there. Of course there’s always the good selection of talks and stories to go along with that. Thank you and keep up the good work.
Kiefer Hatch, Fort Worth Fifth Ward, Fort Worth Texas Stake

Illustrated by Bill Mayer