Idea List: Choose the Right … Media
July 2005

“Idea List: Choose the Right … Media,” New Era, July 2005, 37

Idea List:

Choose the Right … Media

Making wise media choices is essential to keeping the Spirit with you. Whether you’re looking for a library book, picking out a movie, or just browsing the Internet, you can apply these ideas from the youth in the Clondalkin Ward, Dublin Ireland Stake, on how to choose good media. (See also For the Strength of Youth [pamphlet, 2001], 17–21.)

  • Always let the Spirit guide you as you make decisions about what to watch, play, or read. Follow the promptings you receive.

  • Get software that blocks pornography and pop-ups on your Internet service.

  • With your parents’ permission, place the computer in an open place in your home where others usually walk by.

  • Check book reviews, and read book covers before buying books. Avoid books that are obviously inappropriate.

  • When you go to the pictures or rent a movie, make sure you know the rating, and read the reviews ahead of time. That way you will be able to make an informed decision about whether to watch the film.

  • Don’t look at inappropriate magazine covers in shops. Focus on something else so your eyes won’t stray to the section where they are displayed.

  • Be aware of the words in the songs you listen to or sing along with. Think about whether the words, message, volume, or beat of the music would be offensive to the Spirit.

  • Check ratings on CDs before you buy them.

  • Be careful watching television at night when programming tends to be less family oriented.

  • If you have seen or heard something you didn’t want to see or hear, sing a hymn to yourself and say a prayer to invite the Spirit.

  • Have your parents block channels you do not want to accidentally switch to on your television.

  • Avoid gossip stories even if they are in what seems to be a reputable magazine or newspaper.

  • Stay away from video games that are violent, immoral, or use bad language. Check the ratings of the games you buy or play.

  • If you realize you have made a bad media choice, turn it off, put it down, or walk out.

Illustrated by Randall Royter