I Need Thee

“I Need Thee,” New Era, Feb. 2005, 47

I Need Thee

At the age of 13, I was struggling with a recurring illness. I had no idea what was affecting me, and no one seemed to have any answers. (I was later diagnosed with a muscle disease that can be treated.)

Even now, years later, I can remember finding a quiet place at school so I could pray. I would sing these lines over and over again in my mind: “I need thee, oh, I need thee; Every hour I need thee!” (Hymns, no. 98).

I will never forget those times when I kept a constant prayer and song in my heart. I could recognize so clearly that my Father in Heaven heard me. I learned that He is listening and loves me enough to never leave me. He continues to be the one constant strength in my life.

Photograph by Christina Smith