My Great First Date
October 2004

“My Great First Date,” New Era, Oct. 2004, 49

Special Issue: Dating and Temple Marriage

My Great First Date

Before I was old enough to date, my parents discussed the rules for dating and the expectations they had for me. Based on those expectations, we have a tradition in our family that the first date be a double date arranged by an older sibling. When I turned 16, my older sister and her future husband arranged a perfect double date for me.

Our first destination was to grab strawberry ice-cream cones. Then we headed to a beach, had dinner, and walked around. We went to the fun alley for some air hockey and games. At a playground, we ate yummy birthday cake. What a great first date!

By following my parents’ rules, I have been able to enjoy each stage in life. I have experienced group dating, then single dating, and now the blessing of a temple marriage.

  • Esther Liddicoat is a member of the Warwick Ward, Perth Australia Warwick Stake.

Illustrated by Scott Greer