Including Others

“Including Others,” New Era, Sept. 2004, 48

Including Others

Last year was a scary time for me. I had just entered Young Women, and I was going to attend a new ward. I worried that I wouldn’t make any friends, and since I was a new member of the Church, I didn’t understand much about Young Women.

I remember the first day I went to Young Women in my new ward. I went to opening exercises and sat down by myself because I didn’t know anyone. This made me feel uneasy and alone. Then I looked up, and there was a young woman standing in front of me. She said, “Hello, Cecilia” and sat down next to me. This made me feel great, and I wasn’t scared anymore.

It was from her example that I learned what fellowshipping is all about. This has helped me to reach out to other new or lonely people who need their spirits lifted.

Here are a few things you can do to fellowship people who are lonely or feeling left out:

—Introduce yourself and try to make them feel wanted.

—Sit with them and help them feel more comfortable.

—Write them a letter or note.

—Invite them to your home for a movie and snack or a board game.

It really doesn’t matter what you do. The most important thing is just doing something to let people know that someone cares about them and they are needed, too. We should all follow the Savior’s example to reach out to others and help them feel included and loved.

  • Cecilia A. Bruce is a member of the Greenville Third Ward, Greenville South Carolina Stake.

Photography by Matt Reier