What’s in It for You
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“What’s in It for You,” New Era, July 2004, 49

What’s in It for You

Mutual Activity

• The article, “A Gathering in Ghana,” is a report of a celebration held at the time the Accra Ghana Temple was dedicated. Have a quiz on the operating temples in the world. Post two world maps on the wall and divide into teams to identify the location of temples. Give hints such as how many temples are in Mexico or in South America and so forth. As an additional hint, post whatever pictures are available with the names of the temples covered.

Service Project Suggestion

• Volunteer to clean up a community park, sports field, school yard, or strip of road. Make the activity fun by giving small prizes for the most unusual piece of trash found, the funniest thing picked up, or the most trash collected by weight or volume or in the fastest time.

Family Home Evening Ideas

  • If one of your family members has been assigned to give a talk in church, review the steps to preparing a talk in the Idea List, “Tips for Terrific Talks,” on page 11.

  • Read together the article, “Murmuring and Mowing,” on page 8. Talk about what each member of the family does to contribute to everyone’s comfort and well-being. Discuss better ways of giving service within the family.

Sunday Lesson Helps

In addition to the Resource Guides (printed in May and November in the Ensign and Liahona), Young Women and Aaronic Priesthood teachers may find these additional resources helpful in enhancing lessons 26–29.

Young Women Manual 2

Lesson 26 The Sacrament

John W. Yardley, “Happiness Every Week,” New Era, May 2004, 12.

Britton Roney, “I Was Hoping You’d Come,” New Era, May 2004, 26.

Lesson 27 Strengthening Testimony through Obedience

Athos M. Amorím, “Why Obey?” New Era, Nov. 2002, 44.

Richard L. Evans, “Why All the Rules?” New Era, Nov. 2003, 44.

Lesson 28 Agency

H. David Burton, “Who’s Asking?” New Era, Dec. 2003, 38.

David O. McKay, “Dandy,” New Era, Apr. 2003, 10.

Rosalyn Collings Eves, “What Was I Missing?” New Era, Apr. 2004, 42.

Lesson 29 Exaltation

Keith B. McMullin, “Are You a Saint?” New Era, Feb. 2003, 38.

Carlos E. Asay, “The Temple: The Place for You,” New Era, Mar. 1997, 4.

Aaronic Priesthood Manual 2

Lesson 26 Worthy Thoughts

Q&A: “Bad thoughts come into my mind …” New Era, May 1989, 16.

Idea List: “Clean Thoughts,” New Era, Feb. 2001, 15.

Lesson 27 The Lord’s Law of Health

Q&A: “Other players take supplements to enhance their performance …” New Era, May 2004, 16.

Rand Packer, “Gulp!” New Era, this issue, 26.

James E. Faust, “The Enemy Within,” New Era, Mar. 2003, 4.

Lesson 28 The Sabbath

Q&A: “Almost all the jobs I am qualified for require Sunday work …” New Era, June 2004, 16.

Joseph Richardson, “To Keep It Holy,” New Era, Oct. 1997, 35.

Lesson 29 The Purpose of Life

M. Russell Ballard, “Go for It!” New Era, Mar. 2004, 4.

L. Tom Perry, “A Pattern for Living,” New Era, Jan. 2004, 4.