We’ve Got Mail

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“We’ve Got Mail,” New Era, Apr. 2004, 50

We’ve Got Mail

It’s Possible

The Poem of the Month in January 2004 reminded me of another relationship we all have in our lives. One who makes all the impossibles possible is our Savior. He gave us a beautiful gift, the Atonement, that makes living with our Father in Heaven a possibility forever.
Karen Nielsen, Anaheim Second Ward, Anaheim California Stake

Good Luck, Chris

I loved the “Ice Dreams” article in the January 2004 magazine, because, like Chris Obzansky, I figure skate too. I have heard of Chris and his partner, but I had no idea he is LDS! After reading this story, I know the Lord will help me to develop my talent. I wish Chris the best of luck on his mission and with skating.
Kt Schirtzinger, Pittsburgh Sixth Ward, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Stake

Medallion Testimony

Thank you for the article “More than a Medallion” (Nov. 2003). The stories of the young women in the article gave me a lot of inspiration to continue working on my Personal Progress. I have always thought it would be fun to get the medallion, but I realized that gaining experience and testimony and learning more about the Savior are most important. This program has already helped me a lot, and I am looking forward to receiving my medallion next year.
Evenaz Sariah Deyro, Pasig Second Ward, Pasig Philippines Stake

Soccer Example

Thank you very much for the November 2003 article “The Playmaker.” I am grateful for the example that Aleisha has set. I esteem her for her obedience towards Heavenly Father, though she could have played in the Olympics and World Cup. I am glad for her that she seized the chance to play soccer on a good team. When I saw the name Brigham Young on her shirt, I thought, “Those players play in honor. Somehow it is special. Hopefully I will play in such a shirt in a few years.”
Olivia Prochazka, Wettingen Ward, Zürich Switzerland Stake

Posters Say a Lot

I am so grateful for the New Era. It has brought a lot of blessings into my life. The New Era posters might be short, but they say a lot. The poster “Spread Thin?” (Oct. 2003) meant a lot to me. I realized that I was trying to do too many things at once. Now I’ve sorted out my life and can get a lot more done.
Austin Fullmer, Copperas Cove First Ward, Killeen Texas Stake

Meant for Me

Thank you so much for this awesome magazine. I’ve been getting the New Era for almost two years now, and almost every month there seems to be an article that was put there just for me. I especially wanted to thank you for the article “Who’s Telling the Truth?” (Feb. 2004). It helped me realize that we need to act on what we learn before we can receive a testimony. That article was meant for me.
Karissa Baker, Northridge Seventh Ward, Orem Utah Northridge Stake

Illustrated by Bill Mayer