No Time?

“No Time?” New Era, Dec. 2003, 42

No Time?

“Let’s go! They’re waiting for us,” I said anxiously. I was nervous, the crowd was waiting, and I was ready to perform.

My friends Carson, Mark, Tyson, Bryce, and I had formed a dance group called Saturday Knights. After performing well in a competition, our group had become well known in the community. Tonight we were dancing during the intermission of a scholarship pageant.

As we were about to go on stage, Mark suggested we say a prayer. We always have a prayer before and after each performance.

“No, let’s just go,” I said. “They’re waiting for us. We don’t have time.”

Mark looked at me intently and said firmly, “There is never enough time to thank the Lord for all He has given us. We have time to pray.”

I was struck dumb. I stood there feeling terrible. Correcting myself, I knelt with my friends, said a prayer of thanksgiving, and then went on stage.

Mark’s comment gave me a new perspective on gratitude. He was right. There really isn’t enough time to thank Heavenly Father for all of His countless blessings. Because of Mark’s example, my testimony was strengthened. I have never forgotten his words, and my life has been greatly blessed because of them.

  • Todd Christensen is a member of the La Costa Ward, Del Mar California Stake.

Photograph by John Luke