Idea List: Gospel Gifts
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“Idea List: Gospel Gifts,” New Era, Dec. 2003, 11

Idea List:

Gospel Gifts

It seems stores begin decorating for Christmas earlier and earlier every year, each store advertising the perfect gift. But for members of the Church, Christmas is always about Christ, who not only gave us the greatest gift—the Atonement—but who also is the “perfect” gift we can give to others.

Students in Patricia Gibson’s Ledgewood First Ward seminary class in Morristown, New Jersey, offer these ideas on using the Christmas season to share the gospel.

  • Pray for opportunities to share your belief in the Savior.

  • Give scriptures as gifts. Write your testimony in the front.

  • Share with friends some of your family’s Christmas traditions that center on Christ.

  • Invite friends to a Christmas program at church, whether it’s a ward choir fireside, a Christmas sacrament meeting, a Mutual Christmas project, or a ward or branch party.

  • Invite neighbors to dinner or for a holiday treat. Share Christmas traditions. Read the story of Christ’s birth. Consider arranging to have the missionaries participate as well.

  • Plan a “12 days of Christmas” activity for a friend or neighbor, leaving an anonymous gift for them on each of the 12 days before Christmas. The gifts can be anything from spiritual thoughts to needed food or clothing.

  • Go caroling as a family, Mutual group, or with friends to the homes of friends or neighbors.

  • Prepare small treats to give away with messages about Christ.

  • Invite someone who is spending Christmas alone to celebrate it with your family. Include him or her in family traditions and activities centered on Christ.

  • Spread the Christmas spirit through helpful acts, kind words, and friendly smiles. Go out of your way to serve others.

Photograph by Matt Reier; For unto Us a Child Is Born, by Simon Dewey